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11-17-13: Updated the Message from the Chair and added a letter of interest to the Resources page
Updated the comment period date to Sept 30, 2013.
Updated the comment form to .xls instead of .xlxs
6-2-13: Updated the e-mail address of the new Executive Secretary, Rachelle Babler. Welcome Rachelle!!
4-28-13: Posted the new Message from the Chair and linked to the new comments form on the Documents page
Posted new drafts for comment, newly formatted existing docs, and a new position statement.
4-7-2013: Updated the Message from the Chair
Minor update to the title of a document - capitalization of a word
Posted the Individualization / Identification Position Statement
11-26-12: Updated the Message from the Chair.
Updated Archived documents.
11-24-12: Updated re-formatted existing documents and new documents
11-7-12: Updated the Membership information
Added a FAQ related to ACE-V; Updated the Documents page with reference to the comment period being currently closed.
Updated the Terminology document with new terms from the Error Rate document
updated the reference to the version number in the Reporting document and table; arranged current documents in the current area and drafts in the draft area
Made some link updates on the documents page
replaced the examinations/conclusions document with the version containing an updated NIST diagram; updated the Reporting document to be a final document (not a draft); updated the simultaneous document to reflect "Latent" only; updated the Conduct, Blind Verification, Validation, & Terminology documents to reflect "Latent & Tenprint"
Posted the final error rate document and the new Draft Reporting document
Posted the latest SWGFAST documents: many new drafts for comments and 2 new position papers under "Other Documents"
3-25-12: Updated the Members page
Posted the link to the 2012 NIST Human Factors working group report


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Message from the SWGFAST Chair

With the February 2013 announcement of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Justice and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), oversight of the Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) is moving to NIST.  However, with the federal government still operating on a continuing resolution and Congress needing to reach a deal by January 15, 2014, to avoid another federal government shutdown, it will be difficult for NIST to take any action until those budget issues are resolved.  Even without funding, I am encouraged by the resources NIST has allocated to the development of the new program.  As is true with many federal government projects, the transition is slower than what any of us would prefer, but I believe we are moving in a direction that will strengthen the standing and work product of the SWGs.

At the end of September, NIST published a Notice of Inquiry in The Federal Register regarding Possible Models for the Administration and Support of Discipline-Specific Guidance Groups for Forensic Science.  The response submitted by SWGFAST may be viewed by selecting the link on the Resources page.

Melissa R. Gische, Chair
Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge
Analysis, Study and Technology

November, 2013






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